In this video, Vimala explains how the TQC will bring a positive change to the world. We can't do it alone---we need your help!
Registration closes March 25th. This is the only TQC until January, 2020!
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Tuition for the TQC six-month course is payable at $400 per month. Your first payment reserves your spot and materials through the end of April. 

You will then be invoiced and auto-billed beginning May 1st through the month of September.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Will I be able to complete this course on my own time?
Yes! The course is guided, and there are due dates, but sessions are recorded for you to view on your own time.

How long is the Vimala Alphabet Teacher Qualification Course?
The TQC is 6 months long. Material will be released at the beginning of each month.

Will I be able to afford it?
We are offering a special discount through Monday, March 4. The first payment holds your spot through April. You will then be invoiced and automatically billed in monthly installments from May through September.

Is it true I can keep any money I make through teaching the Vimala Alphabet?
Yes! As long as you obtain and maintain your certification through us, we will never ask you to share your revenue with us. Class sizes and fees are up to you.

What benefit is there to learning handwriting in the first place?
The Vimala Alphabet embodies the noblest qualities a person can develop over time. We believe that if these qualities are embodied by enough people, we can achieve peace.

Will I be able to embody the spirit of the Vimala Alphabet?
You will be taught by Vimala personally. She has been teaching students just like you for many years! If you will put in the work and concentration required, you will begin to embody the spirit of the Vimala Alphabet. This process is designed to be continued for years to come.

Do you issue refunds?
We are only able to issue a refund during the registration period. The registration period ends March 25th. Once the class begins on April 1st, you may discontinue enrollment at any time if you wish, but due to the sensitive nature of the course material, we will be unable to issue a refund.
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